Sustainability is super important to us at Do Amore.

That’s why we manufacture our rings ethically and give water for two when we sell a ring.

Often, the leaders in sustainability are colleges and universities. With the budget for innovative programs and progressive and active student bodies, all the ingredients are there for eco-friendly innovation.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been chronicling the most eco-friendly colleges in the country – from the Midwest, to the West Coast, and all the way down South. This week, we’re ranking the top ten most eco-friendly East Coast colleges.

It’s no surprise that the East Coast harbors some of our most inspiring and innovative campus in the country. When it comes to sustainability, it’s no different.

The factors that went into ranking these East Coast colleges include surveys of students and faculty, awards and recognition, number and diversity of environmental programs, and eco-friendly campus policies. Without further ado, here are the top 10 most eco-friendly colleges on the East Coast:

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10. Bentley University


Bentley University, a private university in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a regional leader in sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Not only do they have a great sustainability science program, but they cultivate an atmosphere of eco-friendliness through their numerous waste diversion and energy conservation programs.

9. James Madison University

James Madison University

James Madison University is not only historic and beautiful, but it is a prime example of what a conscious student body and faculty can do in the name of sustainability. The school has brought a farmer’s market to campus as well as renovated their transportation system on campus. They’ve also expanded their renowned recycling and composting program. Finally, students are actively engaged in environmental activism, forming multiple popular clubs on campus like the E.A.R.T.H. Club.

8. Bryant University

Bryant University

Bryan University, though small, is an exceptional educational college with an inspiring focus on eco-friendliness. Located in ..They have built a 10 part framework that includes: academics, research, energy, buildings and land use, food and dining, transportation, supply chain management, and community engagement. They’ve got a silver rating from AASHE’s Sustainability Tracking and Rating System, and they offer over 40 classes related to sustainability.

7. Framingham State University

framingham state university

Sitting on a picturesque campus just 20 miles outside of Boston is Framingham State University. This school has come a long way in sustainability in the past few years. Since enacting their annual Climate Action plan, they’ve had some major accomplishments, including renovating 75% of their campus buildings to be more sustainable.

6. University of Vermont

university of vermont

The University of Vermont is known nationally for its green campus and sustainable practices – and with good reason. Sustainability is baked to the core at this quaint school in Burlington, Vermont. Their Office of Sustainability coordinates a variety of programs, including the epic Earth Day celebration each year and the popular Eco-Reps program.

5. Cornell University

Cornell University

Obviously a meritocratic academic institution, Cornell is also a leader in sustainability practices. To start, the school received a Gold rating in March 2014 from STARS, and they’ve been a Tree Campus USA campus since 2009. There are numerous well-funded resources for students and faculty interested in eco-friendly practices, including the Cornell University Sustainable Design, the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, and their numerous environmentally-focused courses.

4. Green Mountain College

green mountain college

Green Mountain College is a school that sounds eco-friendly – and it is. Located in the beautiful Poultney, Vermont, it is a tiny school with an enrollment of <1000. Still, the school is a leader in sustainability education, with numerous courses in environmental science as well as their Green MBA. They’ve got an ambitious sustainability action plan that is set to take course until 2020. They promote recycling, cycling, alternative energy use, a bottled water ban, and they’re proud of being members in the Eco League.

3. Dickinson College

dickinson college

Dickinson College is also a proud member of the Eco League. This school, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is a beacon of environmental friendliness. Through a variety of Center For Sustainability Education sponsored programs, the school is in full flourish with eco-friendly activities. Many students and staff also support the Dickinson College Organic Farm, which supplies the college’s dining hall with delicious and organic food. Overall, sustainability is a required attitude at Dickinson College, and as such, the school is helping to make the world a better, greener place.

2. Frostburg State University

frostburg state university

Frostburg State University is a college of wonderful academics and a beautiful and sustainable campus. In 2007, they officially became a charter member of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment. In addition, more than fifteen departments offer courses environmentalism, making it an academic leader in environmental science. Frostburg also recently opened its Sustainable Energy Research Facility to host variety of research projects.

1. American University


American University, located in our nation’s capital, is an academically renowned university that also excels in sustainable leadership. As such, they offer a Masters in Sustainability Management, in addition to hundreds of other environmentally-focused classes and degrees (~1,079 courses in 2012 by one estimate). In addition to their numerous environmental degrees, they also offer certificates for their Certificate Environmental Assessment and their Green Teaching Certificate program. Finally, almost every part of campus is touched by this remarkable attitude of eco-friendliness, from their green newsletter to earth month, from the Ecolympics to Green Graduation Pledge. American University is truly a national and world leader in college sustainability.