At Do Amore, we care a lot about sustainability.

We source our rings ethically, and we’re trying to commit to providing water to those in need.

As such, it’s inspiring to us when other organizations lead eco-friendly initiatives as well, especially colleges. We’ve been profiling the most eco-friendly colleges in the west and south, and this week we’re showcasing Midwest colleges that are making the world a better place.

The factors that went into ranking these mid-western schools include surveys of students and faculty, awards and recognition, number and diversity of environmental programs, and eco-friendly campus policies. Without further ado, here are the top 10 most eco-friendly colleges in the Midwest:

PS I’m going to let you in on a secret. We’re planning on creating class rings to help develop education in the world. If you’re interested at all in this, shoot us an email!

10. University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh


Starting our list of most eco-friendly midwest colleges is UW-Oshkosh, located on the Fox River near Appleton, WI. In recent years, the school has doubled down on its green initiatives. As a results, they have won some recognition, including being named a Tree Campus USA. Their Earth Week celebration is large and impactful, and they have dozens of other eco-initiatives. One substantial initiative was eliminating food trays from the cafeteria. This saves around 123,000 gallons of water per year, and of course saves in food waste as well.

9. University of Wisconsin – Madison


The University of Wisconsin – Madison is not only one of the country’s top academic research schools, but it is also leading the way in sustainability. In a variety of ways, actually. First, the student body is famous for its participation and passion. They organize clubs like the Environmental Club, in addition to taking courses in sustainable management (in which you can get a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a certification). Further, the Nelson Institute and the Office of Sustainability are central hubs for all things green and eco-friendly.

8. St Norbert College


St. Norbert College, located in De Pere, WI, is a small and beautiful school resting directly by the Fox River. They prove their eco-friendliness with a variety of programs. First, their student body is clearly interested in preserving the earth, forming organizations like the Garden Club and the Environmental Club. Then there’s the Green Initiative Fund in which each semester each full-time student allocates $7.50 to this green fund which is used to develop environmental projects.

7. Northwestern University

Northwestern University

Northwestern is another top tier university that has oh so many green initiatives. Their students and faculty can sign the Green Pledge, in which they pledge to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment. There are a wide variety of programs, courses, and degrees in the sustainability field as well. Finally, their Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern is one of the most comprehensive resources we’ve seen.

6. Central Michigan University


Located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Central Michigan University is a good example of what colleges should strive to do. They have great educational resources for interested students and faculty. They have programs to enable further learning. And they have the Great Lakes Institute for Sustainable Systems, which places a central spotlight on sustainability at their campus.

5. Indiana State University


Indiana State University, one of the Best in the Midwest, is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. They’re #5 on this list because of the emphasis they place on green initiatives, like their phenomenal Earth Day celebration. Of course they have other unique initiatives as well, like their Sustainability minor and Sustainability walking tour. Overall, eco-friendliness is a core trait of this campus.

4. Western Michigan University


Western Michigan University bakes eco-friendliness to its core. Every campus meal is also offered as a vegetarian option. The campus reduced waste by 25%, and 100% of renewable energy is produced on location. 35% of the school’s total energy supply is produced from renewable resources. They also support their students by offering a huge green jobs fair. Read more about their variety of projects here.

3. Iowa State University


Iowa State University is a public land-grant and space-grant research university located in Ames, Iowa. The school has a number of outstanding green initiatives, starting with their resource center at the Office of Sustainability. They offer programs, initiatives, and funding opportunities for ambitious and eco-conscious students looking to start their own projects.

2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


As one of the top environmental science schools in the country, it’s no surprise that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign hits our list at number 2. They have a variety of powerhouse organizations, including: the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, the Student Sustainability Committee, and the Institute For Sustainability, Energy, And Environment. As I mentioned previously, their environmental academics are top notch, housed in the School of Earth, Society, and Environment.

1. University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point


UW-Stevens point hits our list as the top most eco-friendly school in the Midwest, and for good reason. It is famous for its environmental science programs, as students from around the country apply to be involved. The school also has a Green Fund, which allows students to lead and take part in large scale environmental initiatives. They’re consistently listed on The Princeton Review’s Green College Honor Roll. This is a school that bakes eco-friendliness to its core, and most importantly, every student on campus is proud of that and exemplifies an eco-conscious attitude.