How it Works

1. You choose a ring

Our ethical rings are made in the U.S.A. and are priced to be the same as, if not less than, most jewelers. Our rings come with free custom engravings and in quarter-sizes. You will receive the ring in a beautiful, hand made wooden box.


2. We fund our partners

We take funds directly from our profits and send it to our clean-water project partners. This way, every single purchase can make a substantial impact for the world, without us having to ask for or rely on people’s donations.

3. Drill a Water Well

Our partners drill a water well for a village within a developing nation. The locals are taught how to maintain and repair the water well, and the well itself is made of local components so finding replacement parts is easy. The well will bring impactful and sustainable change to the village.

4. A Lifetime Impact

A village has clean water, which changes everything. You are the reason 2 people in that village will have clean water for a lifetime. Time saved from not searching for water, or being sick, can be spent on finding a job or getting an education. We will notify you where the two people, whose lives you changed, live.