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Forbes (most recent)

“I’m sure Do Amore will go on to do great things and makes its dent in solving the global water crises.” –Forbes


Fast Company

“If you must get a diamond engagement ring, Do Amore makes it as ethical as possible.” –Fast Company



“Do Amore is the first direct-to-consumer engagement and wedding ring company to have a social good mission and also offer ethically-sourced, handcrafted rings. Every ring is made in the USA from recycled precious metals, as well as diamonds and gemstones that are conflict-free. In addition…Do Amore helps fund a well for every ring sold.” –Forbes


Houstonia Magazine

“Houston start-up Do Amore wants to shake up the engagement ring industry. Do Amore makes affordable, ethical rings and wants to save the world…” –Houstonia Magazine


Fast Company

“Consumers nowadays, especially millennials, are increasingly demanding transparency in what goes in and on their bodies. And for some—what goes on their finger.” – Fast Company



“When you think wedding rings, you don’t automatically also think of water wells in developing countries. But Krish Himmatramka is effectively leveraging the two, ensuring that people in need have access to clean drinking water.” –Entrepreneur



“Few occasions are as memorable as marriage proposals. Do Amore, a company that sells conflict-free engagement rings and donates a portion of proceeds to provide clean drinking water to those in need, adds another layer of meaning onto this already-cherished occasion.” –Mashable