The Water Problem

Many families in developing countries do not have access to clean water. Instead, they resort to unsafe water for their daily needs even though it is infested with bacteria and viruses, and will likely make them sick or cost them their life.

Health & Sanitation

Without a source of clean water, families use unsafe water for daily activities, which leads to a cycle of diseases and even death.

Women and children are impacted by the water crisis

Women & Children

Daily 3-hour walks to collect water means no time for work or school. The walks can be very dangerous, especially for women.

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An Economic Circle

Those sick from the water miss work, spend on medicine, and use up to 54% of their income on water since they’re too weak to collect it.

A Sustainable Solution to Save Lives

A water well brings drastic change to a community suffering from a lack of clean water. While different communities need different solutions, a typical water project consists of a drilled or hand dug well with a hand pump.

Saved Lives

Clean water immediately results in healthier lives for people in the community. Children are most impacted, as their immune systems no longer have to battle waterborne diseases.

Sustainable Impact

Our partners train the community on how to repair the well if it becomes necessary, and have measures in place (like remote sensors) to make sure clean water keeps flowing.


Clean water changes the community. In addition to a water well, the community has been trained on good sanitation and hygiene practices making for a healthier community.

Women & Children

Clean water impacts them the most. Time not spent collecting unsafe water, and being sick from it, means women can have jobs and children have time for school.

How it Works

Every ring provides clean water to a person in need and changes their life forever. Here’s how.


You choose a ring

Our rings are handcrafted in the U.S.A, and made in the most ethical manner possible.


We identify a community

Our partner identifies a community without clean water, and we give them funds to build and maintain a water project. To fund the project, we pair together multiple ring purchases based on the number of people in the community. This way, every single purchase helps build a water project for a community and is directly responsible for giving one person access to safe water.


Drill a water well

Our partners drill a water well for the community. The community is taught how to maintain and repair the water well if it becomes necessary. We also fund health and sanitation training, so the community is taught good health and sanitation practices, which are key in keeping disease away.


A lifetime impact

A community has clean water, which changes everything. Your ring is directly responsible for giving one person in that community access to clean water. Time saved from not searching for water, or being sick, can be spent on going to school or working a job.

See Our Global Impact

Thanks to Do Amore customers we’ve been able to make a substantial impact toward fighting the water crisis.

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