Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping at Do Amore

What does “comfort-fit” mean?

Comfort-fit means the ring's edges are slightly rounded on the inside edge. Because of this, the ring puts less pressure on the finger and is considered to be more comfortable. This also makes the ring slightly easier to put on and take off. In general, it should not affect what size ring you order unless the ring was spinning around once it got passed your knuckle. If so, then some customers order a 1/4 size smaller since comfort-fit rings slide across the knuckle a tad easier anyways and this way it will not spin on the finger as much. If you have any questions, please do contact us and we'll be happy to explain in more detail!

Warranty, Maintenance, Insurance

We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. The warranty covers product failure that occurs because of defective manufacturing. If you suspect a manufacturer’s defect, please contact us.

Do Amore also provides complimentary polishing and cleaning on all rings that we sell, as well as complimentary inspections. While regular maintenance can help extend the life of the ring, do consider purchasing independent insurance for an engagement ring. Insurance can help recover significant damage, loss, or theft you could experience.


GIA Certified Center Stones
We only offer GIA certified diamonds. GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, is the most respected gemological laboratory in the world and created the Four C's. Your diamond will arrive with a certificate that shows its exact specifications. GIA is extremely strict in evaluating diamonds and non-GIA certified diamonds may not match the stringent criteria of a GIA-certified diamond. If you have any questions when selecting a diamond or would like to speak to a GIA Professional, please do contact us! We would love to help.

Do Amore will always be committed to ethics. Please refer to our Ethics page for more details on our conflict-free diamonds.

Alternatives to Diamonds
If you are looking for Moissanite or alternative stones including sapphires, rubies, etc., please submit your special request.


We ship all rings via FedEx Express and you will be provided a tracking number as soon as we ship it out! You will receive your ring in approximately 11-16 business days from the day you place the order (we do not make your ring until you order it), however expedited shipping is available if needed.

Shipping is free within the United States. For international shipping, or if you need your ring sooner, please contact us.


If you are not sure which ring size to order, we strongly recommend getting measured by a local jeweler. While there are many charts that exist online, the best method for your once-in-a-lifetime purchase is to be measured properly.

We are able to size all of our rings in quarter increments (ex: 6.75)  for free!


If you are not satisfied with your ring, you may return it to us! Because we have to release funds for your water project, you must contact us within 30 days of receiving your ring if you intend to return it. View our full return policy here.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. All online credit card payments are encrypted by McAfee. If you are uncomfortable paying online, please contact us and we can process your payment over the phone!

Sales Tax?

We are required to charge sales tax on rings shipped to the state of Texas. Everywhere else is tax free!


About Do Amore

Does Do Amore offer proposal planning services?

While we do not offer proposal planning services, we are happy to help and offer any advice we can. If there is anything we can specifically do to be of assistance, please ask!

If you are looking for a proposal planning service, The Yes Girls is a wonderful team that has helped bring many beautiful proposals to life.

Is Do Amore a non-profit organization?

We are a "for-modest-profit" company that provides clean water to people suffering by offering high-quality rings. By selling a product (rings) instead of relying on fundraising, we provide a more sustainable method for our caring customers to make a significant impact on the world.

We are independently audited on an annual basis.

How was Do Amore started?

Do Amore was started by Krish Himmatramka. Upon graduating college, many of his close friends got married and Krish began to question how wedding rings, a symbol of love that people wear every day, can have a positive impact for the world. His answer was the Do Amore concept. Read more about Krish.


We only offer rings that meet our high standard of ethics. After all, we created Do Amore to help the world, not harm it. Please visit our Ethics page for more details.


All Do Amore rings arrive in an environmentally friendly box. The boxes are handmade from Jarrah wood by a small family-owned business. The wood is sourced from a sustainable forest in Australia that integrates the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the preservation of biodiversity, soil, water, and air quality for generations to come.


Do Amore is not affiliated with any groups or religions. All of our commitments go toward helping those in developing countries.

What does Do Amore mean?

Do Amore means "I Give with Love" in Latin.

We chose this name because:
1) You are giving the ring with love to your spouse.
2) You are giving clean water with love to people who don't have it.
3) It has the words "Do" and "More" in it. Do Amore rings do more than a typical engagement or wedding ring.

Where are Do Amore rings made?

All Do Amore rings are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.


Why Water?

Who does Do Amore partner with?

Do Amore partners with Charity: Water and Both organizations have transformed communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation. Many of our water-related photos are credited to them.

What countries do the 2 people we give clean water to live in?

The water well that your ring co-founds will be in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, or Haiti. We group together multiple ring purchases, and then send over the financing to help build and maintain a water well in a community. Once we know where the location of that water well will be, we will notify you with an update!

If you wish, you may request to have the funds delivered on your wedding day (or another special day) instead. To do this, put the date in the "special instructions" box when checking out, or contact us!

Why does each ring help TWO people?

A wedding ring brings together two people for life, so we felt it should also help two people for life.