Do you want to engrave your loved one’s ring with something more unique than a date? I know how you feel and I’ve gone through this myself (both as a fiancé, and as a jeweler). Over time, I’ve thought of some very unique ideas and here are my ten favorite ring engraving ideas. Also, since we do free text engravings on every ring, be sure to engrave your ring with something!

The 10 Best Ring Engraving Ideas


Ring Engraving Idea #10: The Fingerprint Engraving

There’s nothing more unique than a fingerprint, so why not engrave your fingerprint on your loved one’s ring? It’s different, fun, and thoughtful. Instead of engraving your thumb or index finger’s print, consider engraving your ring finger’s print (where your wedding ring will be). This way, there is a direct connection to your own ring.

Ring Engraving Idea #9: The Nickname

Do you have a special name for your loved one? Most likely, you have a few. A great ring engraving idea is to surprise your loved one with your favorite nickname on the ring. A lot of people are embarrassed to tell their jeweler what they want engraved, but don’t worry as we’ve seen it all! It’s your ring and it can and should say whatever you want!

Ring Engraving Idea #8: Put The Rings Together and It Makes Sense

If you and your fiancé are both getting engraved rings, chose something that makes sense when you look at both ring engravings together (so that you need both rings present to complete the message). It can be part of a poem, a song lyric, or something simple and romantic. For example, on one ring engrave “I love you always”, and on the other ring engrave “and forever”. Together, when the rings are placed together the engravings will read “I love you always and forever”.

Ring Engraving Idea #7: The Location Where You “Knew”

Have you ever told your fiancé where you were when you knew that they were the one? One of the most romantic ring engraving ideas is to engrave the location you were at when you realized this. If it was at an apartment, engrave the apartment’s address. If it was on a vacation, engrave the location and date of the trip. Of all the ring engraving ideas, this is the most endearing one.

Ring Engraving Idea #6: Something from Disney

One of the most fun ring engraving ideas is to quote something from your fiancé’s  favorite childhood movie. For example, if they love Aladdin, engrave “A Whole New World, With You”. If they love Toy Story, engrave “Our Love is to ∞ and Beyond“. For Lion King, engrave “Hakuna Matata”. It’s always fun to hold on to something from your childhood, and they will love you for this.

Ring Engraving Idea #5: Be Hilarious

Laughter is one of the best medicines, so why not engrave something that will pick your loved one up when they are having a down day. Think of an inside joke, a funny story, or even predictable wedding humor! A few fun examples include engraving the words “Taken” or “Put That Back On!”

Ring Engraving Idea #4: This Ring Gives Clean Water

If you are getting a ring from us, then the This Ring Gives Clean Water engraving is a great option. Do Amore is using wedding rings, symbols that unite two people for life, to have a positive impact in the world. Every Do Amore ring sponsors a water project, and gives a person clean water for life. This way, a couple uniting together also changes other lives forever. The This Ring Gives Clean Water engraving serves as a lifetime reminder of the lives you both changed forever, on the day you came together. Visit our home page here.

Ring Engraving Idea #3: Lyrics from your First Dance Song

Of all the ring engraving ideas, this is one that ties directly in to your wedding! Surprise your fiancé with your favorite words from your first dance song. This engraving accomplishes two things: it makes your wedding ring more special, and it makes your first dance more special.

Ring Engraving Idea #2: The Picture Engraving

Perhaps your loved one is obsessed with a sports team, or maybe a book. One of the more personal ring engraving ideas is to have a picture representing their favorite obsession engraved onto the ring. If they are obsessed with a college football team, we can engrave that team’s logo on the ring. If they are obsessed with Harry Potter, maybe we engrave a picture of Harry’s glasses or a lightning bolt scar. The picture engraving is a fun way to show that you love and accept them for who they are, craziness and all! Alternatively, maybe he or she loves your drawings and you want to sketch something out as your engraving!

Ring Engraving Idea #1: An Engraving from your Handwriting

These days, almost all of our communication is typed via text message, iMessage, or E-mail. When is the last time you hand wrote something and gave it to your loved one? One of my favorite ring engraving ideas is to use a handwritten note as the ring’s engraving. It’s as simple as writing out your short message and emailing us a picture of it. The moment your spouse see’s the ring with your handwriting, he or she will know that ring was made just for them.