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The Idea Behind Wedding Rings that Help the World

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1.5 carat pear shaped stones! What do you think...halo or no halo?!🍐😇 Be kind to our Earth, our home, today and every day! ⁣Check out our stories to see a few things we do here at Do Amore to lessen our carbon footprint on this beautiful planet! 🌱🌎 🌷🐰💍! ⁣⠀ Luna looking lovely with a 1.25 carat lab diamond! ✨💎✨ Lalana with a princess cut diamond!👑💎 Proposal photos will always warm our hearts! Congratulations to @kenny.owen_ & @kammilyn_ on their recent engagement! We love when you all include us in this memorable occasion...being tagged in your photos makes our day! Keep the love coming.💙 Hearts and Arrows Forever One Moissanite stones are cut with 58 perfect facets that give the stone eight symmetric hearts and eight symmetric arrows, which match those of an ideally cut Hearts & Arrows diamond! 💘💎 Blue sapphires are so strong, and so beautiful too! They're perfect for engagement rings. This 6.5mm sapphire is set into our Callan ring. 💙💍 We're still not over the excitement of our Mae ring officially joining the party! 💍🎉 We love this custom piece we did that used elements from our Elle, Pandora and Lalana rings! 💍 A split shank means twice the sparkle! 😍💍✨ Mae and Diana are looking fancy with 8mm moissanite stones! 💎💎 The tapered band on the Talia ring is oh-so-feminine! 💍💕 It's the simple things in life. 😌💍💙