The quick answer is YES, Do Amore does price match! The slightly longer answer is, it must be the same exact diamond, at an advertised price. Read on to learn a bit more about our price matching policy and how you can take advantage.


What is a price match?

A price match means one company matching another company’s lower price on the same item. Price matching usually comes up when a customer shops multiple companies for the same item to get the best price. In the case of diamonds, one specific diamond may be for sale by multiple jewelers because the diamond is located at the diamond cutter (not the jeweler). So, each jeweler works within their own margins to sell the stone. As a result, jewelers will often have the same stone available at different prices.

Example of Diamond Price comparison

Gemologist's Note: Do Amore uses the term "Excellent" and Blue Nile uses the more subjective term "Ideal" for the exact same 4.02ct Round. GIA does not recognize the term "Ideal" and instead uses the term "Excellent" (check out the cert)!

Why do you price match?

Do Amore chooses to price match because we are competitive! And hey, we are often already priced lower than our competitors anyway. 🙂 Either way, we want our customers to have the best possible experience and know they got max bang for their buck.


How does price match work?

Do Amore happily accepts price-match requests. We have created a simple price match system that is easy and quick to use, while still giving you access to our awesome online ring builder system. Here it is:

1. Find the same diamond for a lower price elsewhere

In order for Do Amore to be able to price match, the diamond needs to be exactly the same. So, make sure to check the GIA number. Or, if the GIA number is not listed (this is a way some companies prompt you to contact them), check the diamond’s specific length and width (in addition to carat, color, and clarity). If all are the same – email us! And, we will double-check it for you. 🙂

Instructions for comparing a diamond without a GIA cert

2. Email us at [email protected] with a live link

So we can verify the price and work with our diamond cutters, we do need a live link. As a result, we cannot match an email or verbal price, sorry!

Example of Price Match Email Request

3. We’ll email you with a link to your diamond at your lower price

Example of Price Match Approval Email

Why does it have to be the same exact diamond?

Great question! Diamonds can have the exact same color, clarity, and carat weight, but can be of wildly different quality due to cut and sparkle. As you can see below, a 1.50ct F/VS2 Excellent cut Round can vary from $10,691 to $13,900 on the date of this article. This has to do with minute differences in cutting, which results in significant differences in sparkle, and ultimately ends in differences in value. This blog post talks about these tiny differences in Rounds (who knew a 62% depth was so different than a 63? Or that a 40.8 degree pavilion was such a big deal…) However, it happens in all shapes (want to know more? Email me, Corinne, at [email protected])! So, at the end of the day, not all diamonds of a specific color, clarity, and carat weight are the same. As a result, they are priced differently, and we can only price match exactly the same diamond.

Listing of 1.50ct Diamond Prices

Do you price match ring settings?

As the craftsmanship, ethics, and gold weight of seemingly similar rings vary so greatly, we cannot price match ring settings. This is because a ring setting made with less gold, lower quality accent diamonds, or less ethically sourced metal or stones will, obviously, be less expensive (and not the same kind of ring we sell). Every ring sold by Do Amore is made with ethically sourced 100% recycled metal and conflict free diamonds and gemstones. We hold our rings to very high quality standards to ensure that it will last a lifetime. So, your polish will be perfect, your accent diamonds will be bright, and your prongs will hold your diamonds tight! We won’t compromise that quality just to hit a lower price point – it’s not what our customers want.

Online Complaint about Competitor

Online complaint regarding one of our competitors

What else should I know about price matching?

Thinking of purchasing a lower-priced ring elsewhere? Here are a few questions to ask:

Make sure that your purchase not only helps your wallet but also helps others. Every Do Amore purchase (even with a price match!) helps bring clean water to people in need in developing countries.


How can I price match?

1. Find a diamond you love

You can start with our diamond search engine, or you can search our competitors! We’re happy to source and price match diamonds not currently listed on our website, as long as they match our ethics. 🙂

2. Look around and see if you can find it cheaper

Some of our customers love using RareCarat or StoneAlgo for this part, whereas others like doing their own digging. Whatever helps, we’re here for you, and want you to get the best price!

3. Have us match it

Email us at [email protected] with your live link!


Have more questions about price matching?

Drop us a note here, or email us at [email protected]! We are happy to discuss pricing, price matching, payment plans, and quality with you!