Every part of each ring is crafted with the highest standard of ethics in mind. From ethically sourced diamonds and gems, to recycled precious metals. Even the box you receive your ring in is handmade from one of the world’s most sustainable woods.


Conflict-Free Diamonds - Beyond The Kimberley Process

To ensure every diamond we sell is ethically sourced, we go beyond the Kimberley Process (which is one step to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the diamond trade) by partnering with and purchasing diamonds primarily from Diamond Sightholders. All 79 global sightholders, who also cut and polish our diamonds, face strict requirements to ensure they do not buy diamonds from areas that support conflict, do not endanger the welfare of individuals, and follow the international best practice environmental framework. The sightholder status allows them to source rough diamonds from responsible mines in Canada, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Russia, which we purchase after they have been cut and polished. This ensures that all Do Amore diamonds are socially conscious diamonds.


Natural Moissanite is almost exclusively found in meteors, making it is a very rare and scarce. Therefore, moissanite as we know it today is exclusively lab-made. Manufactured by companies like Charles and Colvard in North Carolina, our moissanite is one of the most eco-friendly gemstone options in the world. As there is no mining involved in creating moissanite, it has a very small carbon footprint, and every stone is traceable.

Ethically Sourced Sapphires

Our sapphires are sourced from the most ethically conscious suppliers and cutters. We know where each sapphire is sourced from, and do not trade in sapphires that have been chemically treated or chemically enhanced. In addition to natural sapphires, we also offer lab-created sapphires. Lab-created sapphires have the exact same composition as natural sapphires, but were created in a laboratory instead of being mined and have one of the smallest carbon footprints possible for a gemstone.

All our diamonds are free from conflict

Ethically Crafted Moissanite

Every sapphire is ethically sourced

Recycled Gold Palladium & Platinum

Recycled Precious Metals

As part of this commitment to the environment, all of our rings are made from recycled precious metals that come from suppliers who do not deal with the international mining community. Mining of precious metals can be environmentally destructive, and many mines operate with a disregard for the indigenous peoples and humane practices.

One of the bright spots regarding the precious metal mining industry is NoDirtyGold.org, a campaign that supports the efforts of groups working to end dirty gold mining practices, and has a set of golden rules for retailers. We signed on Day 1.

Every Do Amore ring is proudly handmade in the United States. Thanks to stricter labor and manufacturing laws, making our rings in the United States means safer working conditions for employees and more environmentally-friendly processes overall.

Sustainable Packaging with Zero Plastic Content

Our ring boxes are handmade from Jarrah wood, one of the world’s most sustainable woods. The Jarrah wood is sourced from forests in New Zealand and Australia that perpetually grow and harvest the trees, while preserving biodiversity, soil, water, and air quality.

Where Our Materials Come From

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  • Russia

    Russian diamonds are sourced from the northeast region of Siberia and from the White Sea coast. In Botswana, diamond mines provides thousands of jobs in the these remote Russian communities where the diamond industry has impacted peoples lives positively.

  • South Africa

    The birth place of diamonds in 1866.

  • Namibia

    The Namibian government, along with DeBeers, owns much of the diamond mining industry in Namibia. A great emphasis is placed on providing educational and financial support for communities within the Karas region.

  • Botswana

    In Botswana, diamonds mines are committed to protecting the ecosystem of the Kalahari Desert as well as conserving water, reducing their effect on wild life, and promoting environmental sustainability. Mining diamonds is crucial to the entire country's economy.

  • Canada

    Canadian diamonds are mined in accordance with Canada's environmental laws, which are among the strictest in the world. Our Canadian diamonds come from the Diavik and the Ekati Diamond Mines, which produce some of the most eco-friendly natural diamonds that exist.

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  • North Carolina

    We exclusively work with Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite, which is a naturally occurring mineral also known as silicon carbide. Moissanite is a brilliant and fiery gem that is 100% eco-friendly— it is created in a lab in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Precious Metals
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  • The United States

    All the precious metals we use are recycled, which means they come from a mixture of old jewelry or reclaimed industrial products. They are then refined to produce gold, palladium and platinum of the highest quality.

Ring Boxes
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  • New Zealand & Australia

    Jarrah wood is one of the world’s most sustainable woods. Sourced from Australia and New Zealand, this wood is harvested while preserving soil, water, and air quality. Each box is handmade there by a small family-owned business.

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  • New York

    We chose New York because that is where some of the world’s most skilled jewelers and jewelry manufacturers are located. We work with the best of the best to proudly make your ring dreams a reality.

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  • Montana

    U-S-A! Montana’s rich history of sapphire mining goes back to the late 1800s. The miners in Montana have a passion for both their land and the incredible sapphires they source from it.

  • Thailand

    Mining for gemstones has evolved greatly over the years in eastern Thailand. Only recently did the country see a positive resurgence in sapphire mining, which produces top-quality yellow, green and blue gems.

  • Sri Lanka

    “Mine-to-market” is the mentality of Sri Lankan sapphire mining. It is a harmonious blend of tradition and teamwork (miners operate in co-ops called “karahaula”) that produces some of the highest quality sapphires in the world.