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Most of the tough work is over. Once you’ve picked the perfect engagement ring, the rest of the ride is downhill. Though, choosing a men’s wedding band can still be a difficult choice – will it be comfortable? Heavy? Will I lose it? I mean, it is the most important ring you’ll ever wear. Here’s 10 easy steps to make sure yours is both comfortable and attractive.


Men’s Weddings Bands: A Brief History

Women’s wedding rings have long been a symbol of eternal love. The Egyptians and the Greeks were thought to have chosen the ‘ring finger’ because they believed it contained a vein leading directly to the heart. This legend has influenced many communities throughout history to gift wedding rings. However, it is only recently that men have begun wearing wedding bands. During WWII, men wore wedding rings to remind them of their wives back home. They were used as a symbol of commitment while overseas. During the next few decades, they became increasingly popular for civilians and are now a staple of modern matrimony.

Satin finish men's wedding bands comparison of 2mm and 4mm

Claude Mens Wedding Bands

How do men choose wedding bands? Top 10 Ways to Make Sure It’s Comfortable

1. Color

One of the easiest decisions to make is color. Do you prefer a more rugged, steely look? If so, white gold, palladium, or platinum are your best choices. White gold is the most popular metal for men as of the writing of this article. Couples may wish to consider platinum or palladium, however, as they are a true “white” metals. White gold, on the other hand, is made from yellow gold, and so it has a more vanilla-white color.

Another, more traditional option, is a warm colored band. Yellow gold is the ultimate classic! And, men with warmer undertones may also like the unique overtone of rose gold! Rose gold has been increasing in popularity. It is made with a mix of pure gold and copper, which emits a rosy/champagne hue (check out our men’s rose gold guide for more info).

Note: “Alternative metals” like steel, titanium, and tungsten are on the rise. However, couples should be aware that these are not precious metals. More importantly, however, is that they cannot be sized and require special tools to be cut off in case of emergency. As a result, Do Amore does not sell them.

Comparison of mens wedding band colors

Mens wedding band colors (Credit: Corey Egan)

2. Durability

Do you have a job or hobby that could potential damage your ring? Spend a lot of time lifting heavy weights or working with tools? Then you might want a more durable ring. The most durable precious ring types are platinum and palladium.

3. Weight

One factor many grooms do not consider until after purchase is the weight of their band. Some men prefer a heavier ring, as they like the solidity. Others want their ring to be as light as possible! If you want a heavy band, you may wish to consider platinum. This is because platinum is an incredibly dense metal – and it feels great on! If you prefer a lighter band, gold and palladium are your ticket. 

4. Width

The width of your wedding band will directly affect how comfortable it is on your finger. The modern look for men’s wedding bands is 6-8mm. A more traditional width (think your grandfather’s band) is around 4mm. Looking to rock the boat? I’ve seen upwards of 10mm for rock n’ rock types! Either way – the goal is to make sure the band feels comfortable. In order to do that, consider the length of your fingers. Men with long fingers will likely prefer an 8mm. Those with shorter fingers will feel more comfortable with a 6mm.

Mens Ring Width Examples

Mens Ring Width Examples

5. Texture

Do you fidget? Do you like texture? This is your chance to have a beautiful, meaningful, and permanent sensory plaything! Those that enjoy texture should choose a wedding band with a hammered finish, a convex edge, or multiple layers. These textures will keep you loving your ring forever.

On the other hand, are you looking for a mens wedding band, but have sensory issues? Solutions include looking for a slightly domed band, a satin finish, and lightweight metals (think gold or palladium). This will keep sensory overload at a minimum and allow the band to feel more natural against your skin.

Mens wedding band with hammer finish Mens wedding band for sensory issues

Hammered, convex band (left); Satin finish soft dome (right)

6. Inside

The inside of a men’s wedding band is an incredibly important factor in its comfort. This is because the inside is what pushes on your skin! As a result, you don’t want it to pinch or scrape against your skin. Here are :

  1. Comfort-fit – where the inside of the band curves out slightly, creating a soft feel against your skin. This is the most comfortable option.
  2. Flat – where the band is “pipe cut,” and is flat against your finger. If you choose this, make sure that you have the very edges rounded so it does not scrape your finger on its way on and off (speaking from experience). This is less comfortable
  3. Concave – where the band curves in, causing your finger to pinch. This is pretty rare, and happens in lower-end bands as a result of the attempt to conserve metal. This is incredibly uncomfortable and should be avoided.
Examples of Inside of Mens Rings

Inside fits for Mens Rings

7. Cost

The most affordable precious metal for a mens wedding band is 14k gold. Our classic, comfort-fit wedding band, Seren, starts at $480 in your choice of gold! Next comes palladium, and then platinum, in terms of expense. This is because platinum is an uber-dense material, so more of it is required to make each platinum band. If you’ve got a large budget, platinum is always a great option. It is durable, stunning, and heavy. (PS: Palladium is a good lower-cost alternative to platinum!)

But “why are mens wedding bands so cheap on Amazon?” Because they are not gold, palladium, or platinum. Instead, they are steel, titanium, or other non-precious metals. As a result, most are cast in factories, like a hex nut. While that thought may actually appeal to you, make sure you consider: you can’t size them or repair them. So, what would happen if you need a new size as a result of weight loss or gain, if you chip or damage the band, or you need to have it cut off in an emergency?

8. Allergies

Men with allergies should take care to avoid gold (in any color). This is because white gold contains nickel (and many people are allergic to nickel), and yellow and rose gold contain copper (another possible allergen). So, if you suffer from allergies, you may wish to consider palladium or platinum! Both of these metals are hypoallergenic and beautiful.

9.  Get the Right Size

Get sized by a professional jeweler! Make sure that you try on “mens ring sizers” and not women’s ring sizers (which are thinner). Also, consider giving yourself just a touch more room to make sure you feel good getting the ring on and off. This is also important for when you swell in heat (of after eating that pizza).

10. Matching Her Band

Some couples love this, some don’t care. Speak with your partner and see if they have an opinion, then make the right choice for you! Some alternate ways of complimenting each other’s bands include: matching metal colors, matching engravings, and matching widths! Here’s a romantic engraving of one of our groom’s fiancee’s actual handwriting:

Mens wedding band with handwritten engraving

Final Thoughts on Men’s Wedding Bands

Choosing a men’s wedding band should be a lot of fun! Once you’ve got your budget decided, really try to pick a ring that compliments your personality and relationship.

One of our favorite things to do is create custom rings. We love doing engravings. If you’re interested in a unique ring, reach out to us here or email us at [email protected]. We can show you some cool things we’ve done before and help you come up with something cool for your own ring. Also, check out our Facebook page for a constant feed of unique custom rings.