Wedding Bands For Men

The history of wedding rings is long and illustrious. However, only recently have men begun to wear wedding bands. That said, in the brief history of wedding bands for men, they have become an important tradition.

Selecting a wedding band for men is difficult though. There are many factors to consider. We’re working on a guide to choosing a wedding band for men, but until then, here’s a guide to rose gold wedding bands for men. First, a quick lesson on Rose Gold.

About Rose Gold

Now, you may be familiar with a few types of gold. In fact, there are three common types: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold (though rose gold can also be referred to as pink or red gold, depending on the karatage). There are two factors that go into making a certain type of gold:

  1. The type of alloy metal alloys in the mix.
  2. The percentage of said metal alloys.

Rose gold, for example, is made with a mix of pure gold and copper. The more copper in the gold, the redder the color of the ring. That’s why 18k rose gold is a bit more champagne in color, whereas 14k is a stronger rose color (there’s more copper in 14k rose gold).

Here’s the chart we used in our 14k vs 18k rose gold article to briefly describe the differences between the two:

14k Rose Gold 18k Rose Gold
Less pure gold (58.3%) More pure gold (75%)
More copper Less copper
Red/Rose in color Light pink/silver in color
Warmer Brighter
Harder Softer

Pros of Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Men

There are a number of benefits to choosing rose gold for your wedding band. First is purely aesthetic. For one, rose gold matches all skin tones. Two, rose gold wedding rings add a unique and subtle color to clothing. They often conjure romantic connotations due to their rosy hue, and they’re a very unique ring.

Another benefit of rose gold is that it is more durable, in general, than yellow or white gold. It won’t scratch as easily. It also lacks the rhodium plating that is in white gold.

Cons of Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Men

As for cons of rose gold wedding bands for men, there really aren’t many. One possible warning is that, if you’re allergic to copper, don’t buy a rose gold ring. Other than that, they’re a little less traditional for wedding and engagement rings (though, they’re becoming increasingly popular). Finally, they’re not as easy to find (or match) due to their uniqueness and relatively recent popularity.

Here’s a chart that (sort of) resembles our previous chart on our article about the pros and cons of rose gold engagement rings:

Pros Cons
Scratches less easily than white and yellow gold Not hypoallergenic (due to copper)
Affordable Not as widely available (yet)
Romantic connotation
Matches all skin tones
Doesn’t require rhodium plating

Examples of Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Men

Here are three of our favorite rose gold men’s wedding bands that we sell. If you’d like to see a larger collection, or if you’re curious to see what a certain model of men’s ring would look like in rose gold, please reach and out we’ll help you out!

Final Thoughts on Rose Gold Wedding Bands For Men

Overall, rose gold wedding bands for men are an excellent choice. They’re unique, beautiful, warm, and affordable. Like any jewelry, though, it’s up to your personal preference. Of course, you’ll also want to match your partner’s ring. If you need any help or consultation, we’re happy to jump on the phone with you any time. Don’t hesitate to reach out!