Yellow sapphires are one of my favorite options for center stones. They are durable, elegant, inexpensive, and unique. I know a lot about them, and love helping people learn more about them. If you are looking for yellow sapphire engagement rings, read these benefits and tips on choosing one (or just contact me and I will be more than happy to help). For tips on pricing, be sure to read the end of this post!

You Should Pay A Lot Less for Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings

One of the best parts about yellow sapphire engagement rings is that they should cost you significantly less than blue sapphire rings. While I actually think yellow sapphires are the prettiest sapphire, there is a higher demand for blue sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire is Very Durable

Because sapphire is a very hard and scratch resistant mineral, yellow sapphire engagement rings are very durable. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness,  a sapphire is rated as a 9, which makes it the second hardest natural stone used in jewelry. A diamond, which is by far the hardest, scores a 10.

They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Never feel restricted when choosing a yellow sapphire center stone. They come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes a very uncommon request may take time, but it is possible! Every one of our engagement rings can be made with the sapphire of your choice.

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings from Do Amore

Our Zuri Engagement Ring with a Round Yellow Sapphire

Pick AAA-Rated Yellow Sapphires

Like diamonds, sapphires are graded based on appearance. For a sapphire, the highest quality is known as AAA (read as “triple A”). AAA sapphire typically represents the top 10% of sapphires. AAA yellow sapphire engagement rings will have a deep vivid color and brilliance that can’t be matched by a poorer quality sapphire. Also, because yellow sapphire is relatively inexpensive, there is no reason not to go for the best, AAA quality.

Yellow Sapphires for use in engagement rings

As seen above, there are many different qualities of yellow sapphire (some pretty, some not pretty). AAA yellow sapphires have a deep vivid color, as well as more brilliance than others. Do Amore only offers AAA quality sapphires.

Contact Me For Help Picking a AAA Yellow Sapphire>

Pick a Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone

While synthetic yellow sapphire options exist, I would recommend choosing natural for a few reasons:

  1. Synthetic yellow sapphire is produced by several different companies, and each companies color varies slightly (the color may not be the same as a natural yellow sapphire).
  2. Some synthetic yellow sapphires may not be as durable as natural yellow sapphires
  3. Natural yellow sapphire is relatively inexpensive, so why not go natural?

Yellow Sapphire Pricing Examples

Below is our pricing for round yellow and blue sapphires (all are natural, and all are AAA rated). Because we offer some of the best value on sapphire, it is not uncommon to be quoted higher than these prices, but make sure you’re not paying substantially more than our pricing below:

Sapphire Carat Weight Size (mm) Yellow Sapphire (Natural, AAA-rated) Blue Sapphire (Natural, AAA-rated)
.66 5 $455 $825
.83 5.5 $570 $1175
1.1 6 $675 $1440
1.4 6.5 $790 $2340
1.65 7 $910 $3180

A Tip To Test If You’re Getting Ripped Off

There are two ways to test if you are getting ripped off:

  1. Compare your quote to our pricing above
  2. Ask for a quote on both blue sapphire and yellow sapphire. Yellow sapphire should be much less expensive than blue sapphire. If it’s not, you are probably not getting a fair quote.

Summary on Picking a Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

In summary, yellow sapphire is relatively inexpensive so always pick AAA-rated, natural yellow sapphires. Also, to make sure you are getting a fair quote, compare your quote to our pricing in the table above. Finally, always have your jeweler perform a visual inspection of your yellow sapphire before setting it in the ring (you might as well have them perform one last, final check).

If you’re considering Do Amore for your yellow sapphire engagement ring, then contact us and we can assist you in finding a beautiful sapphire that’s within your budget! Since I love yellow sapphire engagement rings, feel free to ask for my help personally (my name is Krish).