Choosing between White Sapphire vs Diamond is one of the more common dilemmas our couples come up against. So, how do you choose? I mean, can you even tell the difference? What is the benefit of choosing Diamond vs White Sapphire anyway? While both of these stones are beautiful, natural, and durable – there are some major differences between them, too! In order to pick the right gem, find out which one is right for you below!


White Sapphire vs Diamond: The Look

Can you tell the difference between Diamond and White Sapphire?

Yes. There is a huge visual difference between Diamond vs White Sapphire. That’s because, while both gems are colorless (or “white”), they differ quite noticeably in terms of their “brilliance” (white sparkle) and “fire” (colored sparkle). Also, they differ in terms of how they handle dirt and oil. That said, each gem has its own unique look and beauty!

comparison of cubic zirconia vs diamond vs sapphire vs moissanite

Do White Sapphires sparkle like Diamonds?

No. White Sapphire’s sparkle is a silvery white-gray, whereas Diamond’s sparkle is rainbow colored with some white mixed in. This is due to Diamond’s high refractive index and dispersion (two measures for how a gemstone handles light). Remember those prisms you played with as a kid? Just like that! So, White Sapphire handles light by returning a more muted silvery sparkle. And, Diamond handles light by returning a rainbow of glittering sparkle. This is important in terms of look, as well as planning for ring cleaning/upkeep. In other words, a Diamond’s high Refractive Index (RI) allows it to sparkle through dirt and oil, whereas White Sapphire’s lower RI means it needs more regular cleaning to keep it brilliant.

Refractive Index

(White Light)


(Colored Light)

Diamond 2.42 .04
White Sapphire 1.77 .018

How can you tell a White Sapphire from other White Gems?

You can tell a White Sapphire from a Diamond, CZ, and Moissanite by its more muted, silvery sparkle. It’s also way heavier! In addition, you can tell White Sapphire from other white gemstones, such as White Topaz, Rock Crystal (White Quartz), or Paste (“Paste” is what white glass is called when used in jewelry) by its crisp facet edges. That’s because White Sapphire is an incredibly hard gemstone at 9/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale! So, it stands up to wear and tear better than Topaz, Quartz, or Paste (which may show micro chipping called “abrasion” on its facet edges more readily).

White Sapphire vs Diamond Side by Side

Side by side, White Sapphire looks silvery, compared with Diamond. On the other hand, next to White Sapphire, Diamond’s sparkle appears much more colorful.

Bekah ring with 7mm White Sapphire VS Diana ring with 7mm Diamond. 

White Sapphire vs Diamond: What’s Right for You?

In order to choose the right stone, couples should consider what “look” they are going for. Is it sparkle? If so, what kind of sparkle? Or do you want a big size? What about ease of wear? And, how does cost factor in?

What are the benefits of White Sapphire?

White Sapphire is elegant, durable, comes in large sizes, and is incredibly affordable. As a result, couples looking for size or max value will love White Sapphire. In addition, those who believe in gemstone lore will love White Sapphire for its ability to bring clarity to your mind! Finally, Sapphire has a royal pedigree, bringing a unique level of sophistication to a White Sapphire engagement ring.

What are the benefits of wearing Diamond?

Diamond is mega brilliant, supremely durable, highly sought after, and shines through dirt, oil, and low light. As a result, couples that are seeking max brilliance will prefer Diamond over White Sapphire. Those who love gemstone powers will also love that Diamond brings you strength! Finally, given Diamond’s legacy as the gift of love and status, a Diamond also carries with it better long-term investment potential.

What are the drawbacks to White Sapphire vs Diamond?

The drawbacks to choosing White Sapphire are lower sparkle and more frequent cleaning. That’s because White Sapphire’s sparkle is grayish and subtle. But, in exchange, you get a larger stone for less money. The biggest drawback to Diamond is Cost! That’s because Diamonds are significantly more expensive than White Sapphire, and you get a smaller stone for your dollar. However, in exchange, you get much more brilliance and ease of wear.


White Sapphire vs Diamond Cost

Ah, the $64,000 question! White Sapphire is significantly less expensive than Diamond! So, couples looking for a great colorless stone without breaking the bank should consider a beautiful White Sapphire.

Carat Size GIA Certified Diamond (Round, I-color, VS2) White Sapphire
.50ct (5mm) $1,100+ $430
1.0ct (6.5mm) $4,000+ $980
1.5ct (7.5mm) $10,000+ $1,680


White Sapphire vs Diamond vs Moissanite

Another common question we get is whether a couple should choose White Sapphire or Moissanite. It’s a great question because both gems are fantastic diamond alternatives! Both of these colorless stones offer superior hardness and lovely sparkle at a fraction of the cost of Diamond.

Diana ring with 7mm Diamond VS Bekah ring with 7mm White Sapphire VS Asha ring with 7mm Moissanite. 


Which is better White Sapphire or Moissanite?

Couples looking for a natural diamond alternative should choose White Sapphire. That’s because White Sapphire grows in the Earth’s crust and it’s naturally white too (so, it’s untreated, unlike most blue sapphire)! On the other hand, Moissanite is a man-made gem. So, if natural origin or rarity is important to you, White Sapphire is your best option.

Those looking for extreme sparkle and fire should choose Moissanite! As White Sapphire gives off a more subtle, silvery glint, couples looking for knock-your-socks-off pizzazz should definitely choose Moissanite. That’s because its high refractive index and dispersion will make it sparkle from across the room!

White Sapphire vs Moissanite Side by Side

Side by side, White Sapphire will look more pale and gray next to super-firey Moissanite. On the other hand, next to White Sapphire, Moissanite looks like a firework.

comparison of moissanite vs white sapphire

Forever One Moissanite vs White Sapphire (bottom)

Is White Sapphire better than Cubic Zirconia (CZ)?

Cubic Zirconia is the most common diamond alternative out there, and one of the least expensive. However, it is a man made gemstone, while also being less durable and less brilliant than Moissanite. So, against the standards above of rarity and brilliance, CZ doesn’t win either contest. As a result, we choose not to sell CZ and would recommend White Sapphire or Moissanite.


Can you help me choose between White Sapphire vs Diamond vs Moissanite?

We sure can! Just send us a message here or email us at [email protected]! Feel free to ask for me, Corinne, the gemologist. I’ll walk you through it and help you make the right decision for your ring!