What are Simple Engagement Rings?

Simple engagement rings are one of my favorite engagement ring categories. When shopping for the perfect engagement ring for your perfect proposal, it’s easy to get caught up in what is popular nowadays. Since that’s what marketers are showing us, we think trends are more permanent than they are. But style changes over time, just like clothes. Which is why simple engagement rings are so wonderful.

These rings not only put the focus on what’s important, but are also elegant and timeless! Nothing too flashy or experimental, yet dazzling and simple. Though many people think of vintage rings when they think of simple engagement rings, not all simple rings are vintage, and not all vintage rings are simple. Here is a guide to finding the perfect simple engagement ring.

Examples of Simple Engagement Rings

What’s the first thing people think when you say ‘simple engagement rings’?

Usually, solitaire engagement rings.

So what’s a solitaire? Solitaires refer to an engagement ring that is made up only of metal, and a single stone.

TIP: If you decide to purchase a solitaire, be sure to pick a jeweler who slightly modifies to solitaire setting to reflect the center stone size. Otherwise, your simple engagement ring won’t have the elegant, simple look. For example, if buying a simple four prong engagement ring like the Asha Ring below, never pick a setting that is the same size for every center stone size. All of our settings at Do Amore are always made from scratch for each and every order, and so our solitaires are slightly modified so that the width, height, and overall dimensions of the ring are proportional to the center stone size. Our dimensions listed on the page are fairly accurate for an average 1 carat stone size, but it will be modified slightly based on your individual stone size. Here are a few of our favorites:

Solitaire Rings

1. Unity Ring

2. Alina Ring

3. Asha Ring

4. Melinda Ring



Keep this in mind when picking a solitaire for your simple engagement ring:

Most of the focus will be on the stone since that is the only “sparkly” thing to look at it in the ring. The eyes naturally focus on that. So pick a solitaire that reflects the style you want, but one that’s also good for a lifestyle.

In addition to solitaire rings, we can also classify rings with side stones as simple. Check these out:

Simple Rings With Side Stones

1. Diana Ring

2. Kalia Ring



Finally, Forever brilliant moissanite engagement rings can be classified at simple as well. Basically, the moissanite stone itself embodies such a unique simplicity and beauty that many are opting for it today.

moissanite simple engagement ring

Here’s an example of the beauty and simplicity of Forever Brilliant Moissanite


Benefits of Simple Engagement Rings

As with any category of engagement rings, there are many benefits to choosing a simple one. Here are a few:

1. First, they embody a timeless excellence. This style of ring has been around for ages. It has lasted because of the simplicity and minimalist beauty. In other words, it won’t go out of style.

2. They’re less costly, for a few reasons. First, the actual ring is usually a little less pricey due to the lack of costly embellishments. Second, there are less ongoing expenses and maintenance (though I should mention that Do Amore provides free inspection and maintenance on all our rings). Finally, it will cost less to insure your simple ring.

3. All of the above points help lead to this: your simple engagement ring will be less likely to be stolen.

4. Simple rings focus the beauty on the actual stone. Whereas extravagant rings disperse the attention on the overall band, a simple ring will accentuate the stone’s beauty.

5. If you have a very simple engagement ring, it’s easier to match the wedding bands.

6. On the same note, simple engagement rings will most likely match your partner’s wedding ring more.

Cons of Simple Engagement Rings

Though many of the cons associated with simple engagement rings are due to personal subjections, we’ve come up with a few things you might want to consider before purchasing one.

1. The piece might not be as unique. Earlier, we referred to simple engagement rings as ‘timeless,’ which by definition means it won’t stand out as much.

2. They reveal the size of the center stone more easily. By that, I mean that on a more extravagant ring, the center stone could look bigger with a halo. Really, you could get a 3/4 carat stone with a halo and it would like a 1 carat. With a simple engagement ring, the stone will look true to size, which often means smaller.

How To Personalize A Simple Engagement Ring

Though the best part of a simple engagement ring is, well, its simplicity, sometimes couple would like to personalize it in certain ways. There are many ways to get creative with engagement rings, but here are 3 common ways:

1. Engraving (we offer free engraving on any ring).
2. Get it in rose gold (or palladium).
3. Get Moissanite or sapphire instead of a diamond.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a simple engagement ring, chances are, you’re already set on this type of style. So go ahead and follow the rabbit hole of some of the examples we gave above. However, it’s very likely you’ll have some questions we haven’t address in this post. We try to make these posts as educational as possible, but it’s always impossible to answer every question.

So, please, if you need any help making your decision with your engagement ring, feel free to give us a ring or an email. We’d love to help you out in any way we can.