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White Sapphires

White sapphires make for some of the most beautiful and durable center stone options in the world. They are available in all shapes and sizes, and are much less costly not only than their diamond counterparts, but also than yellow sapphires, pink sapphires, and blue sapphires. If you are looking for a diamond alternative that is both natural and cost effective then a white sapphire may be for you.

Table, Depth & Other Specifications for Ideal White Sapphires

Like diamonds, white sapphires are available in different qualities. Sapphires are generally rated on three qualities, A, AA, and AAA. We strongly recommend AAA white sapphires, which are the highest quality of sapphires available. Unfortunately, while this grading system used to be universal sign of quality, it is no longer the case and there are variations within the AAA quality. The color and clarity sections below will advise you on what the best way to check for a AAA stone is.


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How well the stone is cut, which results in the sparkle

Pleasing shape & sparkle

Slight inconsistencies


The top quality white sapphires do not show tinges of color

Very white, no hints of color

Light visible hint of yellow or blue


No visible blemishes to the naked eye ("eye-clean")

Very small blemishes visible to naked eye upon close inspection




Color Recommendations for White Sapphires

Evaluating color in white sapphires is important. Many a times, white sapphires will have a yellow or blue hint. While this may be desirable to some, in general top quality (AAA) white sapphires will not show much of a hint and should look colorless overall. The color chart below provides a general guide for evaluating color in round diamonds, based on grading.


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No Visisble Color

Limited Color Okay

<0.5 carats



Clarity Recommendations for White Sapphires

White sapphires, because of their colorless nature, are most often compared to diamonds, moissanite, and white topaz. White sapphires are a very durable stone and are the second hardest natural stone in the world, only falling behind a diamond. White sapphires have a more stone like appearance than diamonds and moissanite though with the sparkle being more white in color, instead of exhibiting rainbow flashes. The table below compares white sapphires to diamonds, moissanite, and white topaz.


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AAA White Sapphire



White flashes of light

White and rainbow flashes of light

Hardness (Mohs Scale)

The Mohs scale of hardness - 10.0 is the highest rating - and it basically tells you how scratch resistant a stone is



Price (1 carat)

Assumes a 1 carat colorless diamond




Natural, ~15 million years old

Natural, ~15 million years old

White Sapphire Treatment

One thing to be wary of when shopping for white sapphires is the type of treatment they have. The best white sapphires are either untreated or heat treated,  so only purchase these two categories of white sapphire. Be sure to avoid white sapphires that have had any other type of treatment including irradiation, diffusion treatment, and fracture filling to name a few. Untreated white sapphires or heat treated white sapphires will keep their look and are “permanent” in look whereas the other treatment options are temporary.

Settings that Pair Well with White Sapphires

White sapphires look beautiful in all different types of rings and metals. Below are some of our favorite rings to pair with white sapphires, but again, as long as you are getting a AAA white sapphire, it should be able to be substituted in any ring of your chosing.

Money Tips

When looking for a white sapphire, we personally recommend AAA-rated white sapphires only. Additionally, white sapphires jump in price around 2.0 carats so to maximize your value, it is best to purchase a white sapphire at or below 2 carats before the massive price jump kicks in!

3 Things to Ask Your Jeweler

  • 01.

    Photo & Video

    Always ask the jeweler you are buying from for a detailed picture or video of your white sapphire.

  • 02.

    Inspect It

    Ask the jeweler to pull the diamond and actually visually inspect it. Our gemologists pick their white sapphires after comparing with 10 other AAA-rated white sapphire. This way, we can be sure to get our customers one of the best white sapphires in the world.

  • 03.


    Make sure your white sapphire is either untreated or heat-treated. Avoid white sapphires with any other treatments at all cost.

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