Some people love to shop, and some people hate it. One thing that makes the process better for both groups of people are shopping for products that give back. Here are few of my favorite products that give back.

TOMS Shoes (Shoes that Give Back)

When people think of products that give back, they usually think of Toms Shoes first, and with good reason. TOMS Shoes is one of the first companies that embraced and showed that a for-profit company can tie giving into it’s mission. For every pair of shoes TOMS sells, a pair is given to someone in need. TOMS also entered the eyewear business in 2011.

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Warby Parker Glasses (Glasses that Give Back)

Warby Parker is an eyewear company that sells high quality glasses, with bold and fashionable designs. While many of us are worrying about if a pair of glasses looks good on us, there are many people globally who need glasses, but can’t afford them. This is one reason why Warby Parker developed a product that gives back. For every pair of glasses Warby Parker sells, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Because glasses can be such an important tool to learn and work effectively, Warby Parker has taken this issue to heart.

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Do Amore Rings (Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings that Give Back)

Yes it’s my company, but our rings are definitely on my list of favorite products that give back (you would hope so). I’ve always loved wedding rings, but felt that something so important and meaningful to a couple should have a positive impact on the world. My answer was the Do Amore concept which allows couples to give two people in a village clean water, through their marriage. Every Do Amore ring gives two people clean water, for life.

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