Oval diamonds are my favorite type of diamond. They are elegant, unique, and very brilliant. I know a lot about them, and I proposed with one myself. In fact, the oval diamond and dainty engagement ring at the top of this page is the ring I purchased for my fiancée! So, if you are looking for oval diamond engagement rings, here are some of the benefits of choosing one, as well as very important tips.


Do oval cut diamonds look bigger?

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Appear Larger Than You’d Expect

When most of us think of diamond size, we envision the top surface of a round diamond. However, if you replace that round diamond with an oval of the same carat weight, the oval’s top would appear larger! This is because ovals often have greater surface areas than round diamonds of the same weight. For example, the average 1 carat oval diamond’s surface is 10% larger than the average 1 carat round. This means that you can get a diamond that looks larger, for a lower price.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Make Fingers Look More Slender

Because an oval is an elongated shape, oval diamond engagement rings give the illusion of longer, more slender fingers. So, if you’re seeking elegance, you’ve found it! Those with long, thin fingers will also love how an oval compliments their finger.

Round, Emerald, and Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Are oval diamonds more expensive?

You Should Not Pay More for an Oval Diamond

While ovals are more rare than round and princess-cut diamonds, they are also in less demand. You should not have to increase your budget when looking for oval diamond engagement rings. In fact ovals are typically about 20% less expensive and a similarly sized round!

Round (H/VS2) Oval (H/VS2)
.75ct $2,700+ $2,000+
1.00ct $5,000+ $3,800+
1.50ct $9,500+ $8,200+


You Can Get an Oval Moissanite, Oval Lab Diamond, or Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring, too!

Another option for saving money is considering moissanite, lab diamond, or sapphire for your oval engagement ring! That is because each of these beautiful options is much more affordable than a natural oval diamond. Oval sapphires are classic. In fact, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring (that was originally Princess Diana’s) is a beautiful oval sapphire. We love sapphire so much we sell it in all of its different beautiful colors. For example, why not consider an oval blue, yellow, or pink?

Oval moissanite, oval white sapphire, and oval lab diamonds are also stunning white natural diamond alternatives. Each of these options is bright, beautiful, durable, and classic!

Oval Moissanite engagement ring vs Oval White Sapphire engagement ring (bottom)

What is the best cut for an oval diamond?

Optimum Table & Depth for Oval Diamonds

Warning: Oval diamonds are not graded by the GIA for cut quality. In order to end up with a beautiful oval diamond engagement ring, it is important to make sure your jeweler understands optimum oval cut specifications. The below table should help you narrow down your choices. However, never buy an oval based on the certificate only. You really need to find someone that will perform a visual inspection before you purchase the stone.

Ideal/Excellent Very Good
Table 53-63% 51-52 or 64-66
Depth 57.5-62% 55.5-57.4 or 62.1-65
Length-to-Width 1.30-1.50 1.25-1.29 or 1.51-1.55
Bowtie No/Minimal Dark Bowtie Slightly Dark Bowtie

Length to Width Ratio is Important

All oval diamonds in our diamond search engine will have a length to width ratio listed. A diamond’s length to width ratio is, literally, the length of the stone divided by its width. So, this ratio will help you gauge how slender or plump the diamond is. A greater length to width ratio means the diamond will be longer and skinnier, while a lower length to width ratio means the diamond is more plump. For reference, a round diamond has a length to width ratio of 1. Most people prefer ovals with a length to width ratio from 1.3 to 1.7, however this is completely up to you. I personally prefer ovals with a length to width ratio in the 1.4 to 1.6 range. Our gemologist, Corinne, loves super elongated ovals!

Oval diamond engagement rings length to width ratio


Are oval diamonds less sparkly?

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings are Very Sparkly!

An oval diamond is a “brilliant” cut, much like a round diamond. So, even though a round diamond will have the most brilliance, the oval cut is a very close second! So, oval diamond engagement rings are perfect for someone who likes the brilliance of a round diamond, but wants something more unique.

Your Oval Diamond May Have a Bow-Tie Effect

Most oval diamonds have something called a bow-tie effect. We call it a bowtie, because this sometimes-dark section in the center of an oval looks like a gentleman’s bowtie! All ovals have a “bowtie” as a result of its middle faceting being a touch different than its tips. Specifically, its middle is deeper with short facets, and its tips are shallower with long facets. While most diamond cutters agree that this is part of the beauty of the oval, you do not want the bow-tie effect to be dark or overwhelming.

Because bow-tie effect isn’t taken into consideration when grading a diamond, it isn’t noted on a diamond certificate. So, the only way to gauge how severe a diamond’s dark bow-tie is, is through visual inspection. For example, below is a picture from the visual inspection I performed before purchasing my fiancee’s diamond. As you can see, her diamond has a small bow-tie in the middle. I like this picture because the contrasting black background makes the bow-tie easy to see! And, as you can tell from its regular-lighting photo, once set, the bow-tie effect is fairly small and beautiful.

Slight bowtie (left); Stone after setting

Can you help me choose the best oval diamond engagement ring?

Yes! Since oval diamond engagement rings are my favorite, feel free to ask for me personally (my name is Krish). You should always have your jeweler perform a visual inspection of your oval cut stone to make sure it sparkles evenly and does not have a severe bow-tie. If you’re considering Do Amore for your oval diamond engagement ring, then send us a note here or email us at [email protected]! We will assist you in finding a beautiful oval, without a severe bow-tie, that’s within your budget!