Lab-Made Diamonds & Moissanite in the News! See What!

Lab-Made Diamonds in the News!

As we’ve told you before, Moissanite, a diamond alternative, is a beautiful and cost-effective idea when it comes to engagement ring shopping.  At Do Amore, we are one of the largest creators of Forever Brilliant Moissanite and Forever One Moissanite Rings!

Do Amore Lab-Made Diamonds Moissanite NBC Today Show

This morning on the TODAY show on NBC, they spotlighted the trend of another option that consumers have known as lab created diamonds. These stones are actually diamonds, but are more cost-effective, and indistinguishable stones!  These lab-made stones are just as beautiful as a natural diamond but save so money and are eco-friendly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in either Moissanite or Lab Created diamonds!

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