Engagement Rings for Men

When the term engagement ring is thrown around, most of us think of sparkly, bridal engagement rings. However, more and more commonly, men are opting for engagement rings, and because of the increase in gay marriage and women proposing, we are selling more engagement rings for men than ever before. In fact, through a survey we conducted, of couples who were engaged between 1995-2005, a women proposed in 2% of the cases. Of couples engaged between 2005-2014, a women proposed in 5% of the cases!

We looked through all of our options, and all of our competitors’ options, and came up with a list of the top engagement rings for men. Here is the list:

1. Fingerprint Ring

What is more unique than a fingerprint? A fingerprint engagement ring is great and unique way to announce your engagement to the world! By taking your loved one’s fingerprint and having it engraved into your ring, your loved one will always be there with you. We can put the fingerprint on the inside, or the outside of your engagement ring.

A fingerprint engagement ring is the top engagement ring for men

Men’s Engagement Ring with a Fingerprint

2. Satin Finish Rings

Engagement rings for men that feature a satin finish are a beautiful option. A satin finish takes away the reflection of the metal, while keeping the shine. The result is a beautiful finish that makes a ring really stand out.

Satin Matte Finish Rose Gold Band

The Dunia Ring

A men's ring in white gold featuring a satin finish

The Martin Ring

Men's Plain Satin Finish Ring

The Claude Ring

Men's engagement ring with satin finish

Einstein Ring

3. Diamond Engagement Rings for Men

Diamond rings for men might not be common, but they are just beautiful. One of our customers’ said a men’s diamond engagement ring as “takes a kind of confidence to pull off, but that’s part of the beauty of it”. All of our diamond engagement rings for men are made from conflict-free diamonds, which can also be substituted with sapphires and other gemstones of your choice.

A three stone men's diamond engagement ring with a satin finish

The Zale Ring

A men's tension set diamond engagement ring

The Almas Ring


Unique vintage men's engagement ring with a diamond

The Mandela Ring

A men's diamond ring featuring mil grain and a single diamond

The Albus Ring

4. The Classic Ring

A classic ring is and will always be one of the best engagement rings options for men. Classic engagement rings for men are great options because they are timeless, low-maintenance, and comfortable. They are available in various widths and metals.

Classic engagement ring for men

Seren Band in White Gold

Classic engagement ring for men

Seren Band in Yellow Gold

5. Unique Men’s Engagement Rings

There are a few beautiful male engagement ring options that don’t fit into any of the above categories. These one-of-a-kind rings feature stylish options for men that want an engagement ring that will stand out from the norm.

Vintage Men's Engagement Ring

Nelson Ring

Engagement ring for men featuring a unique hammer finish

Simba Ring

6. A Do Amore Ring

Do Amore Rings is a startup that believes that when two people tie the knot with a ring, they should use that moment to change two other lives. That is why every Do Amore ring not only brings two people closer for life, it also gives two people safe water for life. What better way to start engaged life than with a beautiful ring that helps others?

All of the men’s engagement ring styles discussed above are available through Do Amore. All Do Amore’s engagement rings for men come with free engravings, a lifetime warranty, and are comfort-fit.

Men's ring with vintage finish

All Do Amore Rings provide two people in a developing country with clean water, for life.

Men's classic ring

All men’s rings from Do Amore come with free engravings, a lifetime warranty, and are comfort-fit.