Promise rings are romantic and fulfilling. Couples that choose to wear promise rings want to show the world that they are loyal and proud of their partner. In case you’re just hearing about them now, a “promise ring” is a ring or band worn prior to engagement to show the wearer is promised to their beloved. Some couples choose to wear them in a pre-engagement phase to mark their love. Others wear them while saving for an engagement ring. While traditionally only worn by her, it is now common for men to wear promise rings today too. Both my husband and I wore them before we got married – and I love mine so much I still wear it on my right hand!

Here’s how to custom design the perfect affordable, high-end promise ring in 4 easy steps:


Step One: Who is it For?

Promise Ring For Her

Most promise rings for women are gemstone rings that are beautiful and easy to wear. Because promise rings do not need to have a wedding band next to it, you can pick a much more fanciful or asymmetric style! Keep in mind that you want her to love it so much she switches it to her right hand after you get married. So, while you want to choose something that is her style, you also want it to be different enough from her future engagement ring that she’ll be able to wear both without them looking too similar.

Promise Ring For Men

Most promise rings for men are bands with a more ornament than a traditional, simple wedding band. So, check out styles with eye-catching finishes that will set it apart from what you think his future wedding band will look like.


Step Two: What Style are They?

Promise Ring For Her

The next step is choosing her style. Does she like classic designs? A simple, low profile setting highlighting the gem of your choice would be perfect. Want a little extra glam? A few small diamonds will contrast fabulously with your colored gemstone center. I happen to think our Lily ring, with its ribbon of diamonds, is an incredible value at $680 in 14k gold including custom engraving! Just add a gem 🙂 For those looking for a real knock-out, you can pave the entire band with diamonds too!



Possible promise ring styles

Left: Bekah | Middle: Lily | Right: Patronus

Promise Ring For Men

When choosing a style for your guy, think about his lifestyle. Does he work with his hands? Is he in an office? Is he laid back, or does he like to dress up? For men who work with their hands, a hammered band is a great look. Those that are dressier may like a bit of shine. However, a really special ring for your man could include your fingerprint. A fingerprint ring is super special, very subtle, and will definitely be different than his wedding band.

possible promise rings for men

Left: David band | Middle: Bevel band | Right: Men's Fingerprint band

Fingerprint Promise Rings For Couples

Want matching promise rings for couples? That’s so awesome. I like your style. My favorite option is our fingerprint collection. A fingerprint ring is super special, very subtle, and means you each can carry around a piece of the other everywhere you go. We carry a thicker band for men, and a thinner band for ladies (you can even stack other rings with it!)

possible promise rings with fingerprint engraved in outside of band in white gold

A fingerprint band set in white gold.

Step Three: What Color Do They Wear?

Promise Ring For Her

Our rings are available in white, yellow, and rose gold, along with platinum and palladium. Because you’re trying to keep to a budget with this custom promise ring, we suggest choosing gold. So, look at her other jewelry. If she wears white metals like silver and white gold, stick with white. If she wears yellow, you have the option of yellow or rose! Rose gold is a warm tone, with just a little more pink than yellow.

Promise Ring For Men

If  your guy wears other jewelry, same goes for your man! What color does he wear? Also, check out his watch for clues. However, if he’s like a lot of guys, maybe he doesn’t wear a watch or any jewelry yet. If so, here’s a quick guide on how to pick the right color gold based on skin-tone:

  • Cool skin tones – go for white gold.
  • Warm skin tones – go for yellow or rose gold.
arm sketch comparing cool skin tone and warm skin tone

Step Four: Give it Meaning

Promise Ring For Her

Choose a center gemstone that has meaning. Maybe the gemstone of the month you started dating? Or maybe your birthstone would make her smile. What about the color of her eyes? Her favorite nail polish color? Or possibly the gemstone representing the month you give this special promise ring to her. There are affordable gemstone options in every color – we can add any of these 6mm top-quality natural AAA gems to your custom ring for less than $200!

rainbow of loose gems for promise rings

AAA natural gems.

Promise Ring For Men

Make his ring unique by including a special engraving inside. Maybe his nickname? The date you first met? What about a lyric to your song? Or an inside joke! Do Amore offers free engraving on every ring sold, so take advantage and make it special!

Always engraving inside silver mens promise ring

"Always" engraving on inside of men's band.

Can You Help Me Design the Perfect Custom Promise Ring?

I sure can! My name is Corinne, I’m the gemologist, and I’ve been helping people design affordable, custom promise rings for years. Email me here and tell me about your beloved!