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“…Few occasions are as memorable as marriage proposals. Do Amore, a company that sells conflict-free engagement rings and donates a portion of proceeds to provide clean drinking water to those in need, adds another layer of meaning onto this already-cherished occasion.”
Mashable, August 2015
“Wedding season is well underway, and social entrepreneurs in the multi-billion dollar industry are looking beyond carat, cut and shine as they help couples say ‘I do’ with ethical engagement rings.”
FOX Business, May 2014
Houston FOX 26 Logo “A global water crisis is being tackled by a young Houston-area resident by drinking dirty water. There are 780 million people without clean water which is about 2.5 times the population of the US. It’s a statistic one 26 year-old is hoping to bring down, and he’s dedicating his life to do it.”
FOX Houston, January 2014
Engagement Rings article by Brown Girl Magazine “When Shipra and Krish met at the University of Texas in Austin a few years ago, little did they know their friendship would blossom into not only love, but also help inspire a business that is making a real impact in the world.”
Brown Girl Magazine, October 2013
Wedding Rings for Gays “Do Amore is a company I wish I had known about when my fiancé and I were ring shopping. Every ring you purchase gives two people access to clean water for life. What a beautiful story to tell people – after you tell them your proposal story. Providing needy people the gift of clean water while writing your love story is so romantic. Celebrating your milestone by impacting the lives of others is truly selfless. ”
Pridezillas, October 2013
Eco-Friendly Rings by Glamour “Ooh. As if finding the perfect gorgeous ring isn’t awesome enough…these rings also benefit others when you buy them. Do Amore creates gorgeous rings made with recycled precious metals and conflict-free diamonds (and even the ring boxes are handmade from sustainable wood).”
Glamour, September 2013
Eco-friendly Rings Post by Ecouterre “Want to commit to more than each other on your wedding day? Pledge your troth with Do Amore, an eco-friendly jeweler that funds clean-water projects with every wedding band or engagement ring it sells… each purchase effectively guarantees that two people will have safe agua for life. In addition, all of Do Amore’s rings are made in the United States using conflict-free diamonds and recycled precious metals.”
Ecouterre, September 2013
-Houston Public Radio – Houston Matters, August 2013
Miss-A-Blog “If you are planning a wedding and looking for a uniquely charitable twist, Do Amore’s rings may be a great option for you and your fiancee!”
Miss A – Charity Meets Style, June 2013
ThePlungeProject “Shopping for wedding bands is an important task; after all, these are the rings you’ll wear everyday to represent that bond you created on your wedding day. But what if they could do more? What if, in addition to representing the love you and your hubby share, they could also provide two other people with clean water for life? That’s just what they’ll do if you purchase them from Do Amore.”
The Plunge Project Wedding Blog, March 2013
“Love this small company that gives engaged couples a choice when buying their conflict-free diamond… No brainer folks. Why would you want to buy your ring anywhere else? Their rings are made in the USA and, at all times, at least 80% of their rings are made from 100% recycled precious metals.”
Eco-Beautiful Weddings 2012 Magazine, July 2012
“Do Amore founder, Krish Himmatramka, created a website where you can buy your engagement ring and in turn it will directly benefit those in need.”
Festive Finds, July 2012
“Do Amore rings are made with conflict-free diamonds and recycled materials, so they are ethically responsible too. The rings are also priced similarly to other jewelry retailers, proving that doing good does not have to come at a higher price. Same price, much greater impact. We adore this new way to buy bridal bling!”
Eco-Beautiful Weddings, March 2012