Too big? Too small? We'll make it as right as we can.

Your ring will never fit perfectly because your hands are constantly changing. Your hand today will probably be different than your hand tomorrow. Your hand will definitely be different in the winter time when fingers are about 1/8 smaller than they are in the summer time. And if your clothing size changes, chances are your ring size will change too.

Your ring should be a size where you know that it’s secure, but also won’t cut off circulation or be uncomfortable. Sizing is also personality based. Some folks want their ring to be tight so that they’re sure it won’t fall off, and some customers prefer a loose fit so that it’s easy to take on and off for sleeping. Some customers don’t take off their rings, ever!

No matter how you like your rings to fit, we’ll make it right, for free, for life. We just don’t pay shipping costs.

There are a few exceptions.

Some rings aren’t sizable unfortunately. For example: fingerprint bands, eternity bands, and a couple other types of rings cannot be resized. Additionally, sometimes rings may become weaker with multiple resizes or a large size change.

A note about engravings and resizing...

If your ring has an engraving, it will likely be lost during the resizing process. Luckily, we can always re-engrave your ring for a $20 fee if you would like!