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Wedding rings are such a simple, yet powerful concept that represents the union of two people. They can mean so much to a couple. What if a couple could do more with their ring without having to pay extra?

What is Do Amore?

Do Amore is a ring company committed to social-change and ethics. While a typical wedding ring unites two people, a Do Amore ring also helps two people in need. Every Do Amore ring gives two people clean water for life, by co-founding a water well. Water wells provide a sustainable source for clean water so that these people can improve their lives permanently. All of our work takes place in communities within developing countries.

Do Amore is also committed to a high standard of ethics. All of our rings are made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled precious metals, and our diamonds and gemstones are conflict-free and ethically sourced. READ ABOUT OUR ETHICS>

We work hard to maintain a level of quality and service, in order to ensure that our customers have a great experience and get the “local jeweler” feel even though we are an online store. We want our customers to treasure their rings and feel the impact they are having on others for a lifetime.

Why Water?

Water affects everything: health, education, poverty, and life. Around the world, women and children walk hours a day to find and collect water to use for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. The water they find is contaminated and infested with bacteria that will most likely make them very sick – but they have no other choice. For these families, education and work become a last priority as they attempt to meet the basic needs of life.


What does Do Amore mean?

In Latin, Do Amore means “I give with love”. We chose this name for three reasons:

  1. You are giving a ring to your loved one, with love
  2. You are giving clean water to those in need, with love
  3. It has the words do and more in it, Do Amore rings do more

Who started Do Amore?

Upon graduating college, Do Amore Founder, Krish Himmatramka, found himself attending many weddings of friends and family. With the idea of weddings on his mind he began to question how wedding rings, a symbol that brings together two people for life, can have a positive impact on others as well. His answer was the Do Amore concept which allows couples to give two people in a village clean water, through their marriage. With this vision, he aspires to impart the idea of starting married life not only with love, but also with giving.

Krish has a strong passion for giving and seeks to advocate for positive change in the world. He hopes that his dedication will inspire people to do the same. Krish, 29, worked previously as a mechanical engineer and currently lives in Houston, Texas.