1-1121024 - Do Amore

0.50-Carat Round Diamond



This Excellent-cut, I-color, and SI2-clarity diamond comes accompanied by a diamond grading report from GIA.

Diamond Grading Report

GIA Report

The diamond is certified by GIA. This provides you an authoritative analysis of your diamond.It also verifies that your diamond meets all the specific quality requirements.

Diamond Details

  • Carats: 0.50
  • Cut: Excellent
  • Color: I
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Certificate: GIA


  • Depth: 62.0%
  • Table: 59.0%
  • Polish: Excellent
  • Length/Width Ratio: 1.00
  • Measurements: 5.06 x 5.07 x 3.14mm
  • Symmetry: Excellent
  • Flourescence: None


Carat is actually a measurement of weight, not size! However, it directly correlates to the size and is the most commonly used term when describing the size of a diamond. Below are some typical measurements for a round diamond.

  • .25 CT4.1mm

  • .5 CT5.1mm

  • .75 CT5.8mm

  • 1 CT6.4mm

  • 1.25 CT6.9mm

  • 1.5 CT7.4mm

  • 1.75 CT7.8mm

  • 2 CT+8.1mm

Your Diamond: 0.50 Carat

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DIAMOND CUT: Excellent

Cut is the most important factor when purchasing a diamond. Excellent cut diamonds maximize the reflection light within the diamond, meaning that the diamond will have more sparkle than other diamonds of lesser ratings. This is the only aspect of a diamond where we recommend you get the best of the best.

  • Ideal
  • Signature Ideal
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Your Diamond:



This diamond is in the "near colorless" color range. In diamonds smaller than .75 carats it may be difficult to see any color. However, as you go larger, most people will be able to see a small hint of warmth in the stone compared to colorless diamonds. It will not look like a yellow diamond by any means - it is still much more a white diamond than a yellow diamond, however, you may see a small undertone of warmth in the stone. This is a great option for people who don't mind a hint of warmth, or for people buying a diamond less than .75 carats.

  • D D
  • E E
  • F F
  • G G
  • H G
  • I J
  • J J
  • K K-N
  • L K-N
  • Q N-Z

DIAMOND Clarity: SI2

Slightly Included #2 (or SI2) diamonds are the lower rated diamonds within the slightly included category. About 25% of SI2 diamonds are clean to the naked eye, and blemishes can definitely be seen with a 10X loupe. For customers who care only about appearance to the naked eye, this could be a great way to maximize value and bang-for-the-buck (we can help make sure the diamond is eye clean).

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  • FL
  • IF
  • VVS1
  • VVS2
  • VS1
  • VS2
  • SI1
  • SI2

Your Diamond:


Do Amore's Ethically Sourced Diamond Locations

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

We source our diamonds primarily from Diamond Sightholders. Sightholders, who also cut and polish our diamonds, face strict requirements to ensure they do not buy diamonds from areas that support conflict, do not endanger the welfare of individuals, and follow the international best practice environmental framework. There are only seventy nine organizations globally that meet these strict requirements and are given the sightholder status. This status allows them source rough diamonds from responsible mines in Canada, Botswana, Nambia, and South Africa, which we purchase after they have been cut and polished.

Upon request, we would be happy to tell you which sightholder even cut your diamond. It's your diamond, and want you to know as much as you can about it.

    Primary Diamond Source:

  • Canada
  • Botswana
  • Nambia
  • South Africa

    Diamonds Cut & Polished in:

  • City of Surat in Gujrat, India
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