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DIY: 5 Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas

You spend a lot of time working on your guest list, so you should truly treasure their attendance at your wedding!

Here’s 5 (of many) of our favorite DIY Wedding Guestbook Ideas!

Vintage plates!

Do Amore DIY Wedding Guestbook Ideas Registry 2

For the music lover!
Do Amore DIY Wedding Guestbook Ideas Registry 4

The Gamers!Do Amore DIY Wedding Guestbook Ideas Registry 1


Say something sweet!Do Amore DIY Wedding Guestbook Ideas Registry 5

A new take on the classic names in a tree!

Do Amore DIY Wedding Guestbook Ideas Registry 3

To Do’s Before I Do’s: Wedding Planning Part 1

DO AMORE BLOG WEDDING PLANNING 9 to 12 Months To Do ListIt’s never too soon to start wedding planning, and trust us, time will fly by!  Here’s our trusted, short-and-sweet, guide to what you should be doing, talking about, and looking into a year before your big day!

– Get to pinning!  Start a Wedding Day Pinerest Board!  These are so great and there’s so many options out there for inspiration, this could a great way to compile all your ideas into one place!  Yea, you could do a scrapbook, but let’s be serious, who has time to cut out pictures, and paste into a binder, so get to Pinning!  (Check out some of our favorite wedding ideas on Pinterest!)

– Dollar, dollar bills.  What is your budget? The dreaded question, but maybe the most important after “will you marry me?”.  Think long and hard, and be realistic.  And then add a cushion of 15% just in case.  Don’t overextend yourself.

– Start thinking about your wedding party.  This is a careful process because you don’t want to miss anyone or leave anyone out, so take adequate time to plan who will be with you on your big day and in what capacity you could bring in your closest friends to help you with your festivities!

– The Guest List.  Another tough decision, so this one also deserves a lot of thought.  Will it be a small wedding?  Medium? Large? What does that mean to you and your partner?  Maybe even begin the list with “categories” of guests.  Family.  Friends. Coworkers. Acquaintances.  Parent’s Lists.

– Reserve your venue.  Start getting estimates on locations, and make one of the biggest decisions as soon as you can!  This requires deciding on a date, too, which also directly effects your venue, time, and theme!

– Who’s doing what?  The massive vendor list.  Start looking into who’s going to do what on your big day!  From caterers and florists, to entertainment and photographers.  Make your list, check it twice, and knock out the big rocks as soon as you can!

– Book your officiant!  Sounds simple, but this also depicts the style of your wedding, language, and messages read during the ceremony.

– And lastly, decide if you’re going to do it on your own.  Wedding planner, or are you super organized and willing to take on what always ends up to be much more than you expected.

With these simple steps, you’re going to be well on your way to being prepared for your big day!


Lab-Made Diamonds in the News!

As we’ve told you before, Moissanite, a diamond alternative, is a beautiful and cost-effective idea when it comes to engagement ring shopping.  At Do Amore, we are one of the largest creators of Forever Brilliant Moissanite and Forever One Moissanite Rings!

Do Amore Lab-Made Diamonds Moissanite NBC Today Show

This morning on the TODAY show on NBC, they spotlighted the trend of another option that consumers have known as lab created diamonds. These stones are actually diamonds, but are more cost-effective, and indistiguishable stones!  These lab-made stones are just as beautiful as a natural diamond but save so money and are eco-friendly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in either moissanite or lab created diamonds!


Wedding Planning 101: We’ve Got Your Back

DoAmore Moissanite Engagement Rings Wedding Planning Resource

You often here the old saying “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” – and when it comes to love, well, sometimes, that couldn’t be more true! When you meet that special someone and you’ve navigated the ups and downs of a relationship, traversed the terrain of balancing love and work, and realized that no matter where the road may lead, you want to have that someone by your side along the way no matter what…there’s still so much more to do!

And if you’re anything like us, there’s nothing you like more than a well thought out, executable, and semi-OCD level organization! Therefore, we thought we would begin a comprehensive, time tested, “always the bridesmaid never the bride”-level, resource series so you can have a one-stop shop to all that you need to be doing before the “I Do” of your dreams!

From insights on invitations, to bouquets, to dress measurements to ring sizes, to quick easy decoration and DIYs – we’re won’t leave any stone unturned- when it comes to providing wedding planning pointers and ideas!

Not only do our wedding rings do DoAmore ethical engagement rings do more by giving water to those in need, but we want to do more and help you with all things wedding related!

Quick Introductions: Meet Moissanite, The Non-Diamond

There’s a word buzzing around the ring world and it just might need to make it’s way to your lips. Moissanite.  When shopping around for the perfect way to ask “Will you marry me?”, it’s time to consider a stone from the stars.  You will not only change the life of your loved one when you slip this ring on their finger, but also the lives of someone in need!

DoAmore Moissanite Engagement Rings What Is Moissanite Do AmoreOriginally mistaken for an actual diamond, chemist Henri Moissan first encountered these crystals while, get this, examining rock samples from a meteor crater in the Canyon Diablo, Arizona in 1893. Yep, a meteor’s crater.  Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide and in it’s natural form, rivals the rarity of diamonds.

Before the 1950’s there was no other source for these stones other than meteorites (I still can’t get over that). In 1958, moissanite was found the Green River Formation in Wyoming as well as in a diamond mine in Yakutia in 1959.  Forever Brilliant Moissanite is 10% more brilliant than diamonds and reflects 2 times the light of diamonds, emeralds or sapphires!  Not to mention it is nearly colorless, so it often times catches more stares and starts more conversations than diamonds.

DoAmore Moissanite Engagement Rings What Is Moissanite Do Amore 1

Now that we’ve got a little history, take the time to check out our collection of moissanite, which, as you now know, was even mistaken for a diamond by a geologists, so it’s sure to pack the glimmer of diamonds while saving you a considerable amount of money.  Wedding and engagement rings are simply symbols of your love.  At Do Amore, we want your love to shine it’s brightest, and brighten the lives of those in need.  With each ring purchase from Do Amore, your love amplifies, providing water for those in need!

Do Amore is one of the largest suppliers of Forever Brilliant Moissanite Rings.